Real Estate Market In India

With property boom in India spreading across all directions, real estate business is touching a new height every day. Additionally, the growth of this sector depends on the policies adopted by the government to make investments mainly in the economic and industrial sector easier. The new stand chosen by Indian government in regard to foreign direct investment (FDI) policies has inspired confidence an increasing number of countries to make investment in Indian properties.India has displaced the United States as the second-most suitable destination for FDI in the world. As the investment scenario is changing, India has attracted more than four times foreign investment at US$ 8.96 billion during the first half of 2006-07 fiscal, as against US$ 3.38 billion during the corresponding period of 2005-06. And this achievement is making India amongst the “dominant host countries” for FDI in Asia and the Pacific (APAC).The positive point of view of Indian government is the key factor behind the unexpected rise of the Indian real estate market. The real estate sector is the second largest employer after agriculture sector in India. Today, this growing sector is witnessing development in all areas, such as retail, residential and commercial in metro cities of India that include Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi & NCR. Easier access to bank loans and higher earnings are some of the primary basis behind the sudden jump in real estate sector.Why Invest In Indian Real Estate?Owing to vigorous boom in real estate sector, property in India has become a dream for every potential investor who is looking forward to dig profits. All are eyeing for a share in Indian property market for a variety of reasons:o The Indian growing economy is on a continuous rise with 8.1 per cent increase witnessed in the last financial year. The sudden boom in Indian economy increases purchasing power of its people and creates demand for real estate sector.o India is producing an estimated number of 2 million new graduates from various universities during this year, which is creating a demand for 100 million square feet of official and industrial space.o Fortune 500 companies are in good presence and other reputed companies will attract more companies to initiate their operational bases in India thus arising more demand for corporate space.o Investments in real estate sector of India are paying huge dividends. More than 70 percent of investors belonging to foreign countries are making profits and another 12 percent are breaking even.o Aside from IT, ITES and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), India has shown its expertise in sectors like pharmaceuticals, auto-components, apparels, chemicals and jewellery where it can match the best in the world. These positive inherent characteristics of India are definitely going to attract more foreign investors in the near future.

Tips For Choosing The Best Inventory Supplier For Your Clothing Business

Finding the right distributors for your clothing business is a vital detail in the profits you can make. By choosing the dealers you can trust to deliver you the best quality for the lowest price, your business can be more successful and more profitable as well. Knowing the difference between a trustworthy distributor and one that is not reliable is important.Checking out the dealers you find with great merchandise and low prices is the way to make sure you are getting those benefits plus reliability. Contact the Chamber of Commerce in your area for trustworthy distributors. Researching every distribution company is helpful to maintaining your business.Learn how long a distributor has been in business. In this way, you can gauge the experience of that distributor and the kind of financial stability they portray. The last thing you want to happen is your main supplier going bankrupt. In addition to being able to provide you your merchandise for the long term, you also need to learn which companies offer the products you need.Some distributors specialize in all kinds of products. You may find one that sells everything from lotions and beauty products to children’s toys. However, while this would be a good choice for a dollar store entrepreneur, a clothing retailer needs someone experienced in finding the best clothing and accessories and selling it for less. Talk to other clothing retails owners about their favorite distributors.Buying garments online in bulk and at wholesale prices is certainly a bonus for your business. However, you will need to remember the charges for shipping your merchandise to you. In some cases, this could be a sizable fee, especially if your delivery destination is far from the distributors location. Be sure to read all posted information for other kinds of charges or responsibilities you will have about your delivery.Talk to a distributor about the deals you could get on certain garments. Maybe you can get lower prices for out of season clothing and accessories. These are the kinds of deals that will allow you higher profits in the future. Stockpiling your inventory when you find deals is a great way to have your own store supply.Making the right choices for your clothing business is important. Being able to sell quality merchandise starts with you choosing a reliable and experienced distributor. Taking your time to locate this dealer is also important.