Travel Clothes For Women – Travel Light

It may seem that travel clothes for women may sound like something counter intuitive from a fashion standpoint, but that doesn’t have to be. You can still travel light and still look like you just came off the runway. One of the things that have fueled the travel light revolution is the weight restrictions and luggage restrictions recently put out by the airlines and even some rail companies.Sure you can pay extra if you want to bring your whole wardrobe along but if it is not necessary why do it? Especially, when there are so many great fashionable styles available for today’s traveling woman.Travel clothes for women are stylish and are indistinguishable from a regular wardrobe. One thing to keep in mind when planning on what clothes to bring keep in mind the weather of where you are going and even if you have a firm grasp on the usual clime of the area, plan for emergencies like heavy rain or cold.There are travel clothes and accessories that take these eventualities into account and can help you weather any eventuality. Windbreakers, disposable rain suits and practical shoes are just some of the items that should make it into your bag.You can find major designer labels that offer designer travel clothes for women too. If you need to feel like you have your regular mode of dress available at all times, then there are travel clothes for you. You can find travel clothes in everything from skirts and dresses to high heeled shoes.There is no need to sacrifice fashion for practicality when you can have both in one package. Traveling is tough enough without having to sacrifice your own special style, so why do it? You can have the best of both worlds with very little effort.The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for travel clothes for women is how they will hold up during the travel process. You want clothing that is tough enough to take a beating but still look good when you get to where you are going.Try hard to buy clothing that doesn’t have to be ironed. There is plenty of it available and these days travel clothing comes in great styles and colors. And don’t forget to stock up on comfy pants and shirts for the trip through security. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when traveling.

Spruce Up Your Home for Xmas With Wrought Iron Furniture and Accessories

The chances are you’ll be entertaining guests over the Xmas period. This means you’ve got the perfect excuse to have a splurge on some new decor and accessories. After all, the house has to look its best so it’s ready to receive relatives, friends and neighbours. Wrought iron furniture and home accessories are a fantastic way to give your rooms a traditional Dickens Christmas feel. Here’s how to create the look.Deck the HallsFirst impressions count and your entrance way sets the mood and feel for the rest of the house. A key characteristic of Victorian decor was its ornate nature. You could impress your guests and set the tone of what’s to come with a beautiful, decorative wrought iron mirror. Or, for something that’s practical too; a traditional coat stand or umbrella holder will clear clutter. This is symbolic of the era as a place to hang hats, parasols, feather boas and walking sticks. A wreath is a must for the front door and no hallway was complete without mistletoe dangling from the ceiling, a young woman from the 18th century was not allowed to refuse to be kissed.The ParlourThis was the formal lounge or area for entertaining guests. The beauty of mimicking an 1800s Xmas is that it was customary to cover every available surface with ornaments. This means you can go wild with decorations. Use wrought iron furniture such as shelves of side tables to make elaborate displays, nativity figures, toy soldiers, snow scenes, candle displays. For the working classes, times were hard and they brought the outdoors inside to make seasonal decor. Scatter pine cones, holly, mistletoe, adorn picture frames, wall clocks, fire places with evergreen rope, customarily made from ivy leaves. You could perhaps invest in some iron plant stands and make a display of poinsettia, ivy, mini fir trees, winter roses, cyclamen, Christmas cactus or mini holly trees. This will really show the spirit of the season.Dining RoomAn elegant wrought iron table and chairs in a traditional design will look opulent and sophisticated, fitting in perfectly with the theme. White lace table-cloth is a must, choose flowers or a decorative iron candelabra for your centrepiece. Use the same principles as above to trim up the room; more is more! Use plenty of ornaments and greenery. Dining was a very formal affair, so keep this in mind and go for a lavish, majestic look. Perhaps invest in a traditional iron serving trolley and adorn with pine cones and holly, perfect for wheeling in the Xmas pudding. Big, beautiful red bows wrapped around wrought iron chairs will look both festive and introduce colour.If you’re thinking of making a few home improvements before the festive season, wrought iron furniture and accessories are perfect. The traditional, antique feel of iron will help make your home look like you’ve stepped into the pages of a dickens novel. Another plus is that the classic curl wrought iron furniture design gives you plenty of opportunity to hang and attach Victorian ornaments and seasonal foliage.