Wholesale Clothing Lots – How to Take Advantage of Season Changes in Your Wholesale Business

In the clothing industry, and to a lesser extent accessories, when the season changes so do the product lines. Designers and retailers use this seasonal shift to their advantage and so should online wholesale companies. To be truly successful as a wholesale clothing and accessories dealer, you will need to pay close attention to what the public is looking for.As a consumer, you would not buy shorts in November or sweaters in May. Online retailers need to pay close attention to what people are going to need for each season. Stocking the next season’s products a month or so early is a good idea as some consumer like to prepare for the weather beforehand. Also consider color choices in handbags, shoes, accessories, and clothes and some colors are more appropriate for spring and others more practice to wear in autumn.To stay on top of what is trendy, you will need to keep a watch for the designer’s new product lines. This does not mean that any product you still have on hand will not sell. What is no longer popular here at home, is often still in demand abroad. This is especially true of countries whose seasons are directly opposite of ours. In Australia, the holiday season falls in their summer months. Sometimes our clothing is much more affordable here than overseas. Jeans are a third of the cost in America as they are in Switzerland.Or you can price this clothing even lower to encourage individuals to buy it who normally would not have paid the originally asking price or are just looking for a good deal.This basically means that selling wholesale clothing lots and accessories, like handbags and shoes, does not have seasonal ups and downs. Each season has its own benefits and demands. Online wholesale shops can be profitable year round if they are knowledgeable about the differences in trends, seasons and countries and can market their products accordingly.If you are considering selling your product globally, you might consider putting a process in place where you are available 24 hours a day. This ensures that your overseas clientele can reach you, or your customer support, during their daytime hours.